Fundraising can be a great way to help with club expenses. If you would like to lead a fundraiser, we have several great ideas that can be viewed below.

Flatirons Volleyball Club is a registered 501(c) organization. Contributions to Flatirons are tax deductible. Ask Susan how this can help with your club fees.

Grocery Card Program

Reduce your club fees by buying groceries!
Flatirons VBC has enrolled in the fundraising program that King Soopers and Safeway stores offer. It’s a program where eScript cards can be purchased, loaded with funds from the purchaser then 5% of monies spent on groceries is credited to the athlete, and is deducted from your fees. This is a no cost, painless, easy way to reduce the cost of club volleyball by buying groceries. Participants also get credit for buying gas!
Get more info on the program here.


Conscious Coffees Program

Coach Shelby has organized a fundraiser that involves selling locally roasted organic coffee, as a way for parents to earn credit toward Flatirons membership fees and costs. 47% of the cost of your purchase will go directly toward your child’s volleyball account.

“Conscious Coffees is a 100% organic coffee roastery located in Boulder, CO. We buy all of our coffee for above fair-trade prices to ensure that our farms are taken care of and that they can come back year after year. All of our farms are co-ops that are democratically run, meaning everyone working the farm has a say. We are a community focused company, meaning we donate to many different organizations in the area including homeless shelters, schools, and organic farms.”
Learn more about Conscious Coffees and their philosophy here.

You can download the Conscious Coffee information sheet here and the order form here.

This is an ongoing fundraiser. Just bring your order form to the last Saturday practice of any month, Coach Shelby will pick up the order forms and money envelopes (cash or check) there. Coffee will be delivered to your practices (wherever you have practice is where you will receive your coffee).


Butter Braids
Click on “Fundraising”

Pizza Palz at Old Chicago Pizza

Contact General Manager Tamio Rameriz at Superior Old Chicago Pizza
(720) 304-2048

Bammy’s Gourmet Cookie Dough

Bammy’s Gourmet Cookie Dough is based in Ft. Collins and has been a family owned business since 1988. Call Bammy’s toll free number to learn more about raising funds by selling this delicious cookie dough.
Call 1-888-8BAMMY’S (1-888-822-6697)

World’s Finest Chocolate
Click on “Start Fundraising Now”

Honey Baked Ham

Contact: Janet Wolf (303) 442-1100

Lakeside Amusement Park Fundraising Night

Contact: Jill (303) 477-1621

Terracopia Coffee

Located in Centennial

Custom Rhinestone Pins

All Sports Jewelry – Deb Grant
(888) 860-8438
3- 4 week lead time from order to delivery