The backbone of Flatirons Volleyball Club is the tremendous coaching staff. Many Flatirons Coaches are long term, dedicated folks who have a passion for volleyball. In addition to working full time jobs, these coaches spend their free time giving back by teaching junior girls the game of volleyball.


2019 Coaches 

17 Elite: Chris Warner

16 Elite: Kerrilyn Garde

16 National 1: Nicole Ninemire, Taylor Bakeman,

16 National 2: Jessa Wright, Rachael Amoroso

15 Elite: Taylor Haas

15 National: Billy Early, Ellen Sandoval

15 Regional: Nicole Karas, Tianna Paakkonen

14 Elite: Mikayla McMillin

14 National: Kyle Tyckson

14 Regional: Tim Wompey, Erica Holwick

13 National: Katrina Rossall, Lauren Kapushion

13 Regional: Anna Schneemann

12’s: Julia Thometz, Olivia Kohnken

Guest Coaches: Devon Sanders, Mike Rhoads, Paul Parungo

We are always looking for dedicated coaches.  If you’re interested in joining our terrific staff, contact Director Susan at




SusanCancillaSusan Cancilla

Kerrilyn2Kerrilyn Garde
Assistant Director

Dr. Michael Rhoads PhD
Mental Skills Coach – MSU Professor of Psychology


Taylor Bakeman

Alison Dougherty

Billy Early

TaylorHaasTaylor Haas

Lauren Kapushion

Nicole Karas

Paige Lindgren

HansNeumannHans Neumann

Nicole Ninemire

Katrina Rossall

DevonSandersDevon Sanders

Ellen Sandoval

Anna Schneemann

MackenzieSloanMackenzie Sloan

Kyle Tycksen

 Tim Wompey

Jessa Wright

Board of Directors



Therese DeBenedette

Gaynelle Tuck
Vice President 

Renee Loewen

Greg Hand
At large 

Corinne Read
At large 

Effie Stone
At large 

Robyn Read
At large