Flatirons Families,

At the All Club Meeting (6-7:30pm) tonight, we’ll be asking for 3 players from each team to get certified as scorekeepers. Scorekeepers keep the book at the tournaments, during the off matches. The local scorekeepers clinic is Sunday, Nov. 17. For maintaining scorekeepers, the clinic is from 12:30-1:30pm in Broomfield. New scorekeepers training is from 1:30-4:30pm, also in Broomfield. Please talk with your daughters about becoming a scorekeeper and attending one of the Nov. 17 trainings.

All Club Night is for the players and coaches ~ to get to know each other and kick off the season on an uplifting note.

Alexander Dawson School Directions

Dawson is on the West side of Hwy 287 between Isabelle and Lookout Rd.
Turn west onto Dawson Drive
Watch for potentially damaging speed bumps
The road turns North and takes an uphill climb

Continue up the hill and turn right at the four way intersection (no street name signage)
Continue past the Lower School building
The gym is ahead on the right
Drop your athlete off in the pull off zone

Continue past the fields and circle back around to exit
The exit around the back side of the campus is closed off