Flatirons Volleyball Club is a registered 501(c) organization.

Contributions to Flatirons are tax deductible.
Contact Susan at for additional information.

King Soopers/Safeway Grocery Card Program

Earn $$ toward your season dues!

It’s time to start earning monies toward your season fees by grocery shopping and fueling your vehicle!

Flatirons participates in the King Soopers/City Market and the Safeway programs.


*Note: King Soopers/City Market no longer uses a percentage earning system

The instructions below will show you how to link your King Soopers account to Flatirons in order to earn credit toward your Flatirons fees.

King Soopers Stores – go to
City Market Stores – go to 

In the upper right, your name will appear if you are already registered and signed in. 
Otherwise click “Sign In” and then “Create An Account”

Once you are logged in, click your Name in the upper right, and click “My Account” in the dropdown menu.
Then on the left side, click on “Community Rewards”
(It will ask you to choose a local store as your “home” store, if you have not already done so).
On the “Community Rewards” page, click on “Find an Organization” and search for Flatirons Volleyball Club or IS979.
Click enroll

A message will appear that says: “You have successfully enrolled in Community Rewards”.

REMEMBER, purchases will not count toward Flatirons fees until after you select Flatirons as your Community Rewards organization.

When you are shopping:
At the register they will ask if you are a King Soopers or City Market member. Provide them with your registered phone number.
(The Community Rewards are in addition to any other King Soopers/City Market discounts that you receive as a result of being a member)

Remember, once each quarter you must login in to the Community Rewards page and take a screenshot (with your phone or computer) of your previous quarter’s Contribution, and forward your contribution amount to in order to get your proper credit.
That amount is only available until the end of the current quarter, so it is important to log in sometime each quarter.

5% of what you spend at Safeway stores goes directly to your Flatirons account.

• Purchase your Gift Card from Director Susan for $10. The card is preloaded with $10 so this is a wash.
Cards will be available for purchase (check or cash) at Club events and via US Post.
Cards are reloadable at the store (before the 1st item is rung up).
• Cards may be ordered by mailing a check to:
Flatirons Volleyball Club
2770 Arapahoe Rd., Suite 132
Lafayette, CO 80026
• Safeway will send a report to Flatirons which shows your total amount of purchase as it corresponds to the number on the back of your Gift Card.
Credits start now, run thru March 2021.
Time to shop and gas up!