To view your team’s Practice Schedule/Calendar, go to the main menu bar above, click on Teams and select your team.

Flatirons teams will practice at the following locations:
Eldorado K8 School
3351 S. Indiana St.,
Superior 80027
Directions available here

Alexander Dawson School
10455 Dawson Dr.
Lafayette 80026
Directions available here

Meadowlark P8 (tentative)

Because we rent school gyms, there will be blackout dates due to school activities. In addition, schools reserve the right to cancel for weather reasons.

We will make every effort to practice at alternative gyms: Southern Hills MS, Angevine MS, Aspen Ridge Prep School, Boulder Country Day School, Twin Peaks Charter School, Peak to Peak and others.

Our first priority is to practice on the same nights.

2020 Saturday practices take place on tournament weekends only; exception 16 Elite

Please check the main Club Calendar section of this site for last minute updates to the practice schedule. This is where changes will be posted.

Practice Information for Parents

Planning and running excellent practices is a top priority at Flatirons Volleyball Club.
While we’re encouraging your daughters to take the lead on most responsibilities for the season, following are tips for facilitating the practice experience.

Current practice schedules will be posted on our website: 
Click on Teams then scroll down and click on your team. Look for the running calendar surrounded by blue. Details will show when you hover your mouse over a particular practice.

The first two weeks of practices are Master Practices led by the Head Coaches for each age division with assistance from the staff coaches. The girls will learn/review the fundamental skills together. The Master Practices may be held at adjusted practice times; check your team calendar.

    Because we rent courts from schools, we must work around their school and sports schedules. They inform us of their blackout dates at the beginning of the season but occasionally the school or the district will require last minute cancellations.

    Please obey the traffic flow rules at Dawson. After you drop your daughter off at the gym, follow the directional signs to exit campus.
    Should you need to park, the lower lot (just northwest of the gym) and the lot in front of the building directly west of the gyms are the closest lots.

    For security reasons, Eldorado requires Flatirons players to enter via the South entrance. The entrance is the set of double doors that face south.

    Weather policy: Under extreme weather conditions, Flatirons will cancel practices. The criteria for cancelling practices includes, but is not limited to, icy roads, snow accumulation, blowing snow, traveler’s advisory, poor visibility, low temperatures, school closing and wind chill/extreme temperatures. The decision to cancel will be made after 4:00 pm unless it is obvious before that time. Once the decision is made, a notice will be posted on the calendar. Parent Reps will be notified. And if you have a phone tree or group text, messages will be sent by these avenues as well.

    Watch for team practice rules from your daughter’s coach. Please read them carefully and email questions to your daughter’s coach. Two universal rules are to remove all jewelry and to silence or turn off cell phones.

    Flatirons shirts are required for practice and two are provided by the club to each player. Practice shirts may not be cut or altered in any creative way until the season is finished. New players are exempt until the practice shirts arrive. Volleyball related T-shirts (with the exception of shirts from another club) are encouraged prior to arrival of the practice shirts. No tank tops.

    The purpose of practice shirts is to provide a visual reminder to the team that they are a united entity with their goal being to focus on the tasks for improving skills and learning strategies.
    Two practice shirts will be issued to each player. Additional shirts will be available for purchase via the Fan Apparel/Spirit Gear Store.

    We respectfully request:
    1. Arrive at practice 10 minutes before start time
    2. Have light, healthy snack/meal 1 – 2 hours prior to practice
    3. Encourage your daughter to have an open mind and work hard
    4. Mistakes are an important part of learning; we value errors because we learn from them.

    Practices are closed to parents and spectators. We have found that this facilitates optimal focus by the players. It will also help to avoid liability issues. Starting in January, coaches have the option to open an occasional practice to parents who would like to watch.
    Bring a chair: sitting on top of bleachers is not allowed. Set your chair away from the court. USA Volleyball rules state spectators must be outside the playing area which is 10’ from the court lines.

    No food or drink in the gym.
    Step out of the gym to have conversation.
    Leave the coaching to the coaches.

    Volleyball specific physical conditioning will take place during practices under the direction of Trainer Kyle Schnitger. Kyle can be contacted via email:

    Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation!

    Questions? Email us at