RMR Showdown Parents,

The RMR Showdown Tournament is February 15, 16 and 17th ~ the first three day tournament of the season. Coaches and the girls have been working hard to get ready. These longer tournaments provide opportunity for more learning, more team bonding and more touches on the ball. The Showdown is a very exciting tournament! The girls will get to know their teammates in a new and different way. They’ll also learn new strategies and angles of this complex game.

To make this a fabulous tournament, your unconditional support is needed. The girls love it when you cheer and encourage the team to keep putting forth their best effort.
An important component is learning to enjoy the competition. This is not the time to criticize, coach or exhibit negative behavior. Please allow your daughter to fully engage with her team and the competitive experience.

The format for the tournament is pool play (usually 4 teams per pool) on Saturday and Sunday; single elimination (play till you lose) on Monday. All teams play every day.

It’s important to support all Flatirons teams; please visit your sister teams and cheer them on! Schedules and results are posted at https://results.tm2sign.com/event/75/event_divisions 

Wave assignments have been announced and are posted on www.TM2sign.com .
You will be assigned to the morning or afternoon wave.

There will be two waves on Saturday and Sunday; the morning wave starts as early as 7:30 am and the afternoon wave as early as 2:30 pm. The schedule for the Sunday is determined by Saturday’s win/loss record and will be posted on charts at your site and www.TM2Sign.com . Monday is single elimination competition for every team. Teams will play until they lose. The best case scenario is three matches on Monday.

Each team will be assigned an area with a table. Some folks bring chairs for around the table. Be sure to leave your area clean and absent of litter. Chairs are provided around the courts. Do not move them from their original place.
There are designated areas where ball handling is strictly prohibited; please be diligent about not allowing the girls to pepper or handle the ball in these areas.

There are at least four playing sites in Greeley and Windsor.
For site directions, go to www.rmrvolleyball.org  
Click on “More” then “Facility Info”

Do not call the RMR office to ask questions of any sort. Call us and we’ll do our very best to answer your questions in a timely manner.

The main competition site is Island Grove Regional Park (IG). There is a large parking lot in the back of Island Grove where RV’s can camp out for a fee.
Vendors will have booths at Island Grove with fun volleyball items for sale.
Please take group pictures and send the best ones to flatironsvbc@gmail.com 

If your team wants to book hotel rooms and stay in/near Greeley for the weekend (only Saturday & Sunday nights are needed), it’s best to do so right away. Greeley doesn’t have an abundance of hotels so many teams stay in Loveland near the Outlet Mall. Centerra Hotels have some rooms available for those who act to book quickly. If the team decides to stay overnight, please make every effort to stay in the same hotel. If your coaches prefer to stay, the team should chip in to cover their hotel expense. Centerra Hotels: (970) 776-2306. Ask for Mackenzie.

Enjoy the Showdown . . . it’s a fantastically fun tournament!

The secret is to work together less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven.” -Knute Rockne