12 ‘Ohana Team Page

12 ‘Ohana is having fun learning the fundamentals of volleyball! We’re doing a lot of competitive play and fun games in practice, and our time together is full of laughter and learning! I am so happy with how hard the girls are working at getting three touches on our side and trying to hit the ball over the net!

Practice Schedule

*Practices are subject to change when there is a school event or inclement weather

Day Time and Location
Tuesdays, Thursdays See Team Calendar at the right
Saturdays in 2018 See Team Calendar
Saturday practice on Tournament weekends in 2019 See Team Calendar


Tournament Schedule

Preliminary Tournament Schedule
RMR Power 1 – January 13, 2019
RMR Power 2 – February 3, 2019
RMR Power 3 – February 24, 2019
RMR Showdown – February 16-18
RMR Power 4 – March 24, 2019       **BVSD Spring Break
RMR Power 5 – April 7, 2019
RMR Power 6 – April 28, 2019   


Saige Slabbekoorn
Rian Hampson
Ava Tuitele
Marley Tuitele
Kseniia Kurbatova
Reese Osborn
Reese Young


Julia Thometz, Head Coach


Olivia Kohnken, Assistant Coach



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