15 Nahae Kai Team Page

We are making great improvements in all areas on the court. Our biggest accomplishment to date came during our second game in Power 2. During this tournament we finally found that sweet spot that allowed us to all play as a team together at a high level. Our energy and motivation to compete was at a new level. We are very fortunate as a young team to find this early in our season because we now know what we have to do to get back to that level. And we know that we need to replicate that in order to be successful.

I am so proud of the efforts that the girls have been putting in at practice. They always come in ready to learn something new and ready to improve their skills. Looking forward to seeing our continued progress the upcoming weeks.

Practice Schedule

*Practices are subject to change when there is a school event or inclement weather

Day Time and Location
Tuesdays, Thursdays See Team Calendar at the right
Saturdays in 2018 See Team Calendar
Saturday practice on Tournament weekends in 2019 See Team Calendar

Tournament Schedule

Preliminary Tournament Schedule – Subject to change
RMR Power 1 – January 6, 2019
RMR Power 2 – January 27, 2019
RMR Power 3 – February 10, 2019
RMR Showdown, Greeley – February 16-18, 2019
RMR Power 4 – March 3, 2019
RMR Power 5 – March 31, 2019 **BVSD Spring Break
RMR Power 6 – April 14, 2019


Vienna Walker
Krystal Salaman
Jordan Lear
Imogen LaPierre Golsch
Alyssa Pierce
Shae Kitella
Kaidyn Paakkonen
Ragan Lee
Molly Langhart
Julia Bethune

Nicole Karas, Head Coach

Tia Paakkonen, Assistant Coach


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