15 Nalomeli Team Page

The season is off to an exciting start with enthusiasm and determination from players and coaches alike!

Practice Schedule

*Practices are subject to change when there is a school event or inclement weather

Day Time and Location
Mondays, Wednesdays See Team Calendar at the right
Saturdays in 2018 See Team Calendar
Saturday practice on Tournament weekends in 2019 See Team Calendar

Tentative Saturday practices in 2018 (see Team Calendar for updated info)
Nov. 17 Open Gym practice
Dec. 1 Boot skills camp practice
Dec. 8
Dec. 15
Dec. 22 Open Gym practice (tentative)

Tournament Schedule

Preliminary Tournament Schedule
** Subject to change

RMR Power 1 – January 6, 2019
RMR Power 2 – January 27, 2019
RMR Power 3 – February 10, 2019
RMR Showdown, Greeley – February 16-18, 2019
RMR Power 4 – March 3, 2019
Colorado Crossroads NQ – March 9 – 11
RMR Power 5 – March 31, 2019    **BVSD Spring Break
Big South NQ – April 6 – 8
RMR Power 6 – April 14, 2019

** Subject to change – Do not book airfare or accommodations until confirmation by Flatirons VBC


Lauren Closson
Jenna Kaylor
Bella Blair
Payton Keeler
Payton Deane
Isa Bush
Liliana Rademaekers
Kaja Marshall
Harmony Zucal
Ellie Boian
Emily Carter


Billy Early, Head Coach

Ellen Sandoval, Assistant Coach


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